Stefano Bonaccini focuses on Made in Italy nautical excellence. Blue Award 2021 for support at the Bologna Boat Show

Gennaro Amato, president of the Bologna Boat Show: “Now we will change the diction and logo of the Bologna Boat Show and we will start working on the entire continental territory”.

Bologna, 22 March 2021 – This afternoon, in the Giunta room of the Emilia Romagna Region, the Governor Stefano Bonaccini was presented with the Blue Award 2021. sea and the dissemination of nautical culture, was Gennaro Amato, president of SNIDI (International Boat Shows of Italy). The meeting was also attended by the general manager of BolognaFiere Spa, Antonio Bruzzone.

The Blue Award 2021 was awarded with the caption: “For the commitment made by the Governor Stefano Bonaccini, in favor of the Bologna Boat Show, for the development of the exhibition and for having favored the internationalization process”.

President Bonaccini thus underlined the added value of the diction for the International Boat Show of Bologna and for the Emilia Romagna region itself: “This is the recognition for being a region, which can be central from the point of view of the internationalization of manufacturing products. which as in this case, the case of boating, must represent, because they are, one of the Italian excellences. The fact that it boasts of becoming an international exhibition – continued Bonaccini – also allows us to guarantee what Made in Italy usually guarantees in the world, that is the idea of excellence, quality, beauty and I have always thought that the ‘Italy will do it by focusing on quality, because we are able, in these parts, to make products – as in this case the nautical part – that few others in the world are able to make equally or so effective, efficient and beautiful ”.

Satisfaction also for Gennaro Amato (SNIDI), who thus sees, after the first edition of last year, an increase in the projections of the exhibition that will take place from 30 October to 7 November 2021. “We worked uphill, to set up the 2020 edition , now we have the tools to make a second high-level appointment. We therefore hope to be able to all be vaccinated in Italy on that date ”.

The first to believe it is Governor Bonaccini, reinforcing his concept on vaccination passports: “Call them what you want, but I believe that allowing those who are vaccinated to be able to go to places that are inaccessible today that gradually, little by little, can reopen, would be useful for restarting the country, the territories, and those activities that, more than on goods that do not carry the infection, live on the aggregation of people who unfortunately are the ones who spread the infection. To ensure that activities that would otherwise really risk the drama, and some already risk it, can reopen “.

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